Twitter Love

I know you came, ya You read my silly posts You hugged and kissed Your cellphone once And then you raised a toast. . The

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Let there be light

let there be light where it is darkness let there be peace and a little calmness let me live those moments again when we were

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She is divine

Till then I pray to Gods
Take care of my moonshine
Protect her from evils coz she is divine…

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Who am I

What if i am gone for good
What if you have misunderstood
What if once you find me dead
Would you remember the words i said

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I Know You Are Hurt

I will love you back from the sky
When I am gone please don’t cry
Coz I will be hurt seeing you sad
Seeing you happy makes me glad

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You Are Mine

You gave me a sign, when i thought
You are mine…
Your presence declined, when i thought
You are mine…

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