Compilation of All Poems written in WST

When I was a lad, some dreams I had.
To walk in the sky, yes I wished to fly.
We read tech books and bagged good deal.
We miss those friends and those day’s zeal.
Her eyes were lovely, calm and deep.
I failed to resist, I tried to peep.
Her lips resembled petals of rose.
They turned me poet, I wrote a prose.
Love is kind, and pure as dew.
True love but, comes to a few.
Among those few, one was me.
Her love was true, and deep as sea.
There’s a story, it happens to all.
Sometimes we rise, sometimes we fall.
Rise does bring, new characters in act.
But falls are made, to show you the fact.
Life is, indeed, a journey long.
We meet many, who come along.
Not all are meant to be with you.
You must move on, it’s painful but true.
In darksome night, in full sunlight.
In the cuddles of love, in a pillow fight.
No matter in life, happens whatever.
I will love you, and love you forever.
Stories are true and stories are lies.
But faiths are like the morning skies.
I learned at last, it’s hard and fast.
Life is the sum of pains and gains,
Sometimes dry, but then it rains.
I need to tell you the truth outright.
That love is worship, and love is light.
With all your will and all your might,
Fell in love With Someone Tonight…

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