If Only

If Only

If only,
there wasn’t a sun
the life on earth
had never begun

If only,
it never had rained
you and me
had never sustained

If only,
there wasn’t a sky
the birds you see
could never fly

If only,
there wasn’t a home
we would have
just fields to roam

If only,
there wasn’t a heart
we had dealt with
figures & charts

If only,
i wasn’t alive
this heartbreak
i had easily survived

had i never talked to you
had i felt nothing for you

had you been my girl of dream
had you listened my silent scream

had you held my hands for once
I would have danced for months

had i been a little sane
i would not have faced this bane

If only,
i was a heartless man
i totally had a different plan…

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  1. Just wow.. outstanding poem’s … ????
    Keep writing..Description begins in the writer’s imagination but should finish in the reader’s…so I wish you every success in your future endeavors????????.. God bless u ????????????????????????

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