You Are The One
You Are The One
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The story revolves around Akshay who falls in love with Poonam. They became good friends but Poonam wasn't romantically involved with Akshay. The one-sided love story makes Akshay realise that love is not only about being together. True love teaches us to let go...
  • Anurag Jaisingh
    Hey there! I am the author of romance novels - The Second Date & With Someone Tonight. Follow me on the social media platform to receive the latest updates.
  • The story revolves around a boy Akshay who wanted to become a writer. He had many stories in his mind but ended up writing te story of his own life.












    for You

    Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to write stories throughout my life. Special thanks to Anchal Bhatia, my amazing friend & cousin, who has encouraged me to keep writing when nobody else knew that I could.

    At last, I would like to thank my friend, Dr Sarita Goyal, who was always there for me whenever I needed a friend.












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