Twitter Love

I know you came, ya You read my silly posts You hugged and kissed Your cellphone once And then you raised a toast. . The feeling is same, ya I read your lengthy chats I hugged and kissed My cellphone once And then I saw my dad. . I wish to tell you I wish […]

Let there be light

let there be light where it is darkness let there be peace and a little calmness let me live those moments again when we were together under the rain let me kiss you one more time let my soul meet the divine let me melt in your arms please protect me from imminent harms let […]

She is divine

Till then I pray to Gods
Take care of my moonshine
Protect her from evils coz she is divine…

Love Was True

Who’s this girl who is so brave
When I am still a silly naive…

I kept my promise

Choosing between
The two options
Was going to be tough
You did like this story
And see you said enough

Who am I

What if i am gone for good
What if you have misunderstood
What if once you find me dead
Would you remember the words i said

I Know You Are Hurt

I will love you back from the sky
When I am gone please don’t cry
Coz I will be hurt seeing you sad
Seeing you happy makes me glad

You Are Mine

You gave me a sign, when i thought
You are mine…
Your presence declined, when i thought
You are mine…