You Are Mine
50 Poems For You
( straight from my heart... )
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There have been times when I needed someone to talk to but there was none. It is then when I decided to pen down my emotions on papers. 50 Poems For You is a collection of poems I wrote while talking to myself.

You Are Mine


There was a time, when i thought
You are mine…
The Sun did shine, when i thought
You are mine…

Had my heart assigned, to you
Some feelings ‘re divine, for you

Then came this horrid thunder,
My heart was brutally plundered,

Didn’t know what was my fault,
Why did i face so brutal assault,

Why did you go, away,
I still cannot, say.

I wanted to love you forever
Grow old & die together

You gave me a sign, when i thought
You are mine…
Your presence declined, when i thought
You are mine…

Okay, it’s fine, when you say
You aren’t mine…
I drew a line when you said
You aren’t mine…

Accepted this time, when you said, You’re not mine…

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