“How are you?”, my voice quavered.

Being cut off from her for one long year was painful, but facing her after such a long time and restraining my emotions from surfacing was even more painful.

The world around me didn’t matter any more. A chaotic airport… the noisy and officious crowd… suspicious security personnels… nothing mattered. All I wanted was to hug her tight in my arm then and there, and not let her go this time.

I walked up to her slowly, with a heart full of love and eyes flooded with tears. My arms raised almost spontaneously to hug her, but they couldn’t… they simply couldn’t.

One year ago it was only a one-sided affair, while I had fallen madly in love with her but what she had for me in her heart was sheer indifference. In the mean time she got engaged to Rohan. Maybe, I thought, she is a married woman by now.


Have I lost her forever?

An unsettling pain was visible in my eyes. I staggered on my feet, my vision had blurred. I struggled hard to control my emotions. The memories of old days wrecked my resolve. The more I was trying not to remember those days the more those memories were rushing.

It was so silly of me to think that I can create our destiny. I tried convincing her so hard that we are in each others’ destiny without even realising that we can’t create our destiny, we only uncover it. 

“I missed you, Poonam!”, I said looking into her eyes as I stood right in front of her.

She looked emotionless, unaffected… indifferent. The face I had always seen wearing a wide smile appeared that of a stranger. She was no more the same cheerful woman I had known once.

“I am fine, Akshay! and I missed you too”, her voice was as clear as crystal. She was calm and composed. Maybe it was only me who was feeling so emotionally weak. It was then a one-sided love, it’s again a one-sided emotional moments.

That’s why I call myself a sentimental idiot, Sentidiot.

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