The Beginning

Ohh! Not now, please…

Akshay tried uploading the file again, but the connection failed. The network manager on his laptop showed – No Internet.

11:30 pm

The deadline for submission of the manuscript was almost reached. Any delay in submission beyond the deadline could have resulted in a significant financial loss.

 Akshay switched on the Internet hotspot on his cellphone and reconnected the laptop. The connection speed via hotspot wasn’t as fast as he had expected but at least he was able to restart the uploading process.

Akshay had always hated the eleventh-hour rush. That’s the reason he had prepared the final draft of his manuscript a week ago. He had thoughtfully decided not to send it to the publisher immediately so that he can still have the option of editing it, if the need be.

11:34 pm

Little did Akshay know that the urge of going through a final round of editing could lead him in such a tight situation.


Although everything was okay about the manuscript, Akshay had chosen to edit a section where he thought he could write better. That minor editing had resulted in a cascading of required editing spots, from the table of contents to the page numbers.

Once he had started editing he couldn’t realise that it had taken him almost six hours, and by the time he was done, it was half-past eleven. The manuscript must be sent to the publisher before the change of date.

Although the manuscript file wasn’t huge Akshay was struggling to upload the file to email attachment. If the Internet had worked well it would not have taken more than a few minutes to get uploaded. But that day everything seemed to be at loggerheads with Akshay. First, the Internet via broadband connection had ditched him and now it seems that the Internet via hotspot had also stopped working.

11:43 pm

Once again the uploading had come to a complete halt. Akshay checked his data balance and found that he had already exhausted the daily limit. He cursed himself for watching so many videos on his cellphone that afternoon.

Two devices and both had abandoned him when he needed them the most, just as his girlfriend. There was nothing Akshay could do then, there was nothing he could do now, except for praying.

God! Please show some mercy on me…

He remembered how painful it was for him to complete this novel. Reliving all those moments while penning them down wasn’t easy. Ritika, his ex was living a normal life. She was married, had kids. She had forgotten Akshay a long time ago.

But what did Akshay do? Instead of moving on and leading a happy life, he chose to go down his memories lane and write his heart out. The novel he had written was based on their love story.

So what, if he couldn’t marry his girlfriend in real life, he not only had married her in his story but also had children and grandchildren with her. Through his novel he had experienced romance and intimacy, fight and cuddle, and everything else a romantic couple longs for.

In stories, it’s the author’s free will, he can have everything which he cannot have in his real life. That’s what motivates authors to write.

11:56 pm

Just when Akshay had lost all hopes, the Internet through the broadband connection was restored. The uploading which had halted once again picked up the pace. In the next two minutes, the upload status had reached the hundred per cent mark. The file was ready to be sent.

Akshay cross-checked all fields before the final submission. The title of his novel… checked. Genre… checked. Table of Content… checked. Just before the clock had said midnight, he pressed Submit.

12:00 am

The submission was successful. Akshay had finally submitted the manuscript of his novel. Everything to be done on his part was complete. It was only a matter of four days from now to officially become a published author. Akshay wanted to share his happiness with someone but he only had his loneliness alongside himself.

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